‘Community Groups’ are how we live out community and discipleship.They are smaller groups that meet week to week in different homes across Dubai. It’s in these groups that closer friendships are developed and where people find their place in the City Lights community. Contact us on to find a Community Group in your area.



For the ladies of City Lights / moms with kids at school that desire to spend time in God’s Word and look at how this impacts our lives. We meet at different homes across Dubai and spend our time together digging deeper into the meaning of Scripture and its application.  Come along to be challenged, to grow and to be encouraged.

To be a part of this Bible study, please contact



The children’s ministry at City Lights is of paramount importance. History Makers has been set up to encourage, guide and nurture your children in a fun, friendly and safe environment. We have different groups ranging in age from 18 months to 12 years old. Speak to a member of the History Makers team on Friday mornings for further details.


Wildfire @ City Lights is a youth group for teens who want to experience Jesus in a real and radical way. We aim to give the youth a chance to develop and deepen their relationship with Christ through worship, activities and fellowship. We meet on Thursdays at 7PM. Contact for more info.


Scarlet is a series of individual events run throughout the year specifically for the ladies of City Lights. The pinnacle of these events is the annual Scarlet Conference which attracts women from around the region as well as international speakers. Visit the Scarlet website for more details on what Scarlet is and to read some of the life stories of the women of City Lights.


Valour exists to get the men of City Lights together with the aim of inspiring them to take action and impact their workplaces, families and communities for the better. Make sure you are subscribing to our newsletter and keep an eye out for when the next meeting will take place.


Meeting every Monday at the Warehouse, or in a park during the cool winter season, between 9.30 and 11.00am, Little Lights brings together the mothers and toddlers of City Lights and greater Dubai community. There are usually some activities taking place at these meetings, such as parenting input, photography classes and more. For more information please contact Carys Reimers on 050-598 6276.


This is a time to hear more about the story, vision and future of our community and to see if you want to be a part of where we’re going. Plugged In is held monthly over dinner – sign up on Friday or email to attend Plugged In.


The process of healing is a courageous journey to take. Change can sometimes look more intimidating than the brokenness we live with. Break free is a ministry that invites us to move forward from old patterns, reactions, emotions, strongholds and deep soul wounds. It’s a safe place to receive small group prayer, deliverance and brings our hearts back into alignment with our loving Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Contact Maude Wagner on 055-883 2408 to make an appointment.


The Hospitality Team is a group of servant-hearted people who act as “the hands and feet” of Jesus in our community. We endeavor to assist people who are in need, whether they have lost a loved one, gone through a surgery, welcomed a new baby or are going through a difficult situation. The main way we help is through the delivery of meals for a period of time, however each situation is unique and we try to help wherever we can. This team is also often asked to host people when we have guest speakers or a conference in the city. Contact Lauren Van Zyl 056-708 4359 or Nushi Atapattu 050-275 4767 for more information.


A perfect opportunity for everyone to get engaged! From games evenings, bowling, hiking, snorkeling and much more! We want to introduce you to a different side of Dubai and have fun together. Feel free to join us as these exciting adventures await!

For more information ask to join the Facebook group here or contact Nicoli on 056-951 0455.